JKS WT 750 winch trailer

On WT 750 trailer actual pull is operated with CWB 1500 cable pulling winch. It has been installed directly to trailer’s frame. If needed CBW 1500 can be removed from trailer and use as independent unit.

Trailer has led –work light as a standard. This makes working easier at dusk and dawn. All light equipment has been done with led lights.


Technical data:

  • Total weight: 750kg
  • Trailer lengh: ~3500mm
  • Trailer width: ~1600mm
  • Pulling force: 1500mm
  • Ø8mmsteel wire: 250mm
  • Frame: Hot galvanized

Hot galvanized steel frame manufactured by JKS, 12V led –lights and reflection equipment, overrun device, suspended axles, adjustable jockey wheel, Honda HP9 combustion engine + hydraulic machinery, emergency stop switch, Ø8mm steel wire or 25mm pulling tape, led working light

Radio control

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