JKS 1500EW

JKS 1500EW is wider version of JKS 1500 cable trailer. It is a single axle cable trailer for light and medium weight cable handling. Since the trailer has only one axle it is easy to handle. Trailers are available with a hand winch or with hydraulic accessories.

Easy to handle:
With the help of JKS 1500EW cable trailers flow freely. Trailers only have one axle so it’s simple to handle. JKS 1500EW can transport cable drums as heavy as 1000kg.

Drum winding devices are available as a accessory. It considerably speeds up line building. JKS 1500EW is a modern and effective device.

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Suspended axle, adjustable jockey wheel, overrun brakes with automatic reverse and parking brake, 12v led-lights, reflectors, drum axle with bearings, drum locking cones for drum axle, drum lift with a winch, and automatic locking system for drum stand.

Drum spinning device with 200mm wide solid rubber tires and fast locking mechanism, hydraulic machinery with Honda 13hp engine, hydraulic remote control for reel spinning all combine as one device. Drum spinning with brake motor, hydraulic transfer for drum spinning machinery, hydraulic drum lift, relief spring for drum lift, steel cable drums, ropes, split steel drums (for collecting old cables/wires), 1 to 3 piece winding guide, drum axle with brakes, double lights 12/24 volts, and led-work light.

Technical Information:

  • Total weight: 1500kg
  • Loading capacity: appr. 1000kg
  • Trailer’s lenght: 3,5m
  • Biggest reel diameter: 2600mm
  • Drum gap width: 1600mm
  • Drum axle diameter: 60mm
  • Frame: Hot galvanized steel frame
  • Towing speed: 80km/h
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